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About Us

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Pecan Haven RV Campground is a secure and respected RV campground in the Brazos Valley and is located 11 miles from Caldwell, 13 miles from Bryan, and 15 miles from College Station.

Our RV campground offers a peaceful home away from home atmosphere, weather you are interested in monthly or extended stay.

If you are looking for a unique country place to hold your special occasion, event or party, we have the perfect place for you!

We pride ourselves by offering “Texas Hospitality in Our Own Backyard.”

What is it about the sound of birds singing, the rustling of the trees and the gentle breeze, that draws us to Nature? It is the peace and tranquility that overcomes us when we allow ourselves to kick back, relax and truly take time to enjoy life and beauty of Nature? It is the feeling that we all long for and yet can’t seem to take the time for, in our busy lives. Located in the Brazos Valley River Bottom there is a special place only 20 minutes from Bryan/College Station and 10 minutes from Caldwell, where one can experience the gift of nature’s peace tranquility. A place called “Pecan Haven.” Here is a little history of how “Pecan Haven came to be.

Although throughout the years, the Brazos Valley River Bottom area has had a “not so tranquil” part in the history of Burleson County, it still remains an interesting one. In 1894, Italian immigrants settled the Brazos River Bottom as sharecroppers. Nature played havoc to the Brazos Bottom in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. In 1899 a server flood came and flooded the residents and farmland. In 1909, a levee was built along the river to protect the residents from flooding. The levee measured 8 foot and extended south for 30 miles. In 1913, a storm far worse than the 1899 flood came. The levee wall burst and unleashed a wall of water that again, flooded the residents. Victims rode out the flood on roofs and in treetops. There were approximately 180 deaths and 8 million in property loss. In 1914, reconstruction of the levee was approved. After several of these floods, Italian immigrants started acquiring farmland of their own. Finally in 1963 modern flood control methods made the area safe. Remains of the old levee still remain across the cotton fields from Pecan Haven today. On the property there is an Italian style home that was built in 1939 by an Italian cotton farmer. In the early 70’s the family separately sold the home headquarters along with 6 acres. The surrounding cotton land was sold and a Pecan Orchard was planted. In 1981, Larry and Theresa Hodges purchased the home and 6 acres and approximately 17 years later Pecan Haven evolved.

Throughout the history of the early settlers trial and tribulations, one thing has stood the test of time and that is NATURE. Nature, with all its’ majesty, has no boundaries. It has no boundaries to it’s destruction and it has no end to its’ beauty. What we can learn from nature is to have the perseverance and the endurance to face life’s hardships and challenges. To weather out the storms in life and allow ourselves to appreciate God’s most precious gift to us. Learning to have a greater appreciation for nature and its’ beauty, is a gift within itself!

As time passes, nature remains filling each passing minute with ageless memories. Memories of family, friends and co-workers gather to enjoy each other’s company. A refuge from the hustle of city life, where one can leave their cares aside and take the time to sit back and enjoy God’s most precious gifts, LIFE AND NATURE. It sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it, but it’s not. It’s a tribute to life and nature. IT’S PECAN HAVEN!